Respect For All Week: Bring Sikh Awareness to NYC Schools - Sikh Coalition

Motivational Monday February 12thWear any Team Jersey or t-shirt to motivate, inspire and encourage “teaming up against bullying”.


Take Time Tuesday February  13th

Show your school pride! Wear our school colors (yellow and blue) or your ROAR gear!
Lion Head 'Modern Art' 3D Wood Jigsaw Puzzle – Winston Puzzles
WOW Wednesday February  14th

Wear red or pink to remind yourself how important it is to love and appreciate yourself.

Premium Photo | Coat and sweater blouses in pink on a hanger in a store  classic women's fashion clothes

Thoughtful Thursday February 15th

Wear mismatched clothing to school as we learn to accept and embrace each other’s differences.
Adelphi Celebrates Mismatch Day! - Adelphi Academy

Friend Friday February 16th 

Twin Day, dress as friend or person that inspires you.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH | Sanford Middle School